Like the way we work together and know you’re going to need a designer on the regular? Let’s make it a thing. As a repeat client we want to give you the VIP treatment

If you’re willing to enter this partnership you’ll have Alaura as your on demand designer when you need. With a retainer plan you’re essentially pre-ordering time so we can make sure that Alaura has that time set aside for your designs every month. Basically you get a part time designer for your business (without the overhead costs of an employee) - and you get some extra perks too! (click below to read more)



1 Month Trial +

A 1 Month trial is available when initially signing for a retainer. You can cancel at any time within the first month but the first month fee is due as well as the total hours of design work to be completed.

3 Month Minimum Commitment +

3 Month minimum commitment will apply after the initial trial period. At the end of the 3 months we can re-evaluate the program to ensure it is fitting your business needs. We can consider increasing the monthly commitement or how many hours per month.

Payment Details +

Payment for the month ahead is due at the start of the month, you will receive recurring invoices for the durection of the retainer which you can pay via bank, card or paypal. You will get a detailed breakdown at the end of each month of the projects worked and hours allocated to them. Auto-pay/recurring payment is available at signup or you can opt-in whenever you make a manual payment!

Overages & Rollovers +

Each retainer includes a set number of hours each month. Overage will be billed at the standard hourly rate of $100. Overages for the month will be billed at the end of the month. Rollover of unused hours varies per plan.

Other +

We will act in good faith to use the time efficiently and will notify you if we expect to go over the monthly allocated hours. We will notify you if your project requires extra work beyond the scope of the retainer hours. We will provide and estimate for the extra work and will not begin any extra work without your approval.

Exclusive Benefits

Peace of mind +

You get VIP front of the line service and a guaranteed amount of prioritised work each month.

Designer on demand +

You know that we have time set aside for your monthly designs and you skip the waitlist.

Exclusive services +

You get access to services not offered outside of retainers.

No Minimum Charge +

1 hour minimum charge does not apply to your smaller design requests.

Instant File Access +

Because you’re paying upfront there’s no need to wait for payments to clear, meaning your files will be handed over as soon as they are signed off on.

Simplified Accounting +

You pay a set amount each month for the duration of the plan. Minimal contracts to sign and invoices to track on a per project basis.

No overheads +

Access a professional designer on the regular without the overhead costs of an employee.

Automatic Payments +

Via credit card or PayPal takes the stress out of making sure you pay on time. You can opt into auto-payments at any point.

Services Included

All A La Carte Services +

View A La Carte Services here

Design Updates / Variations +

Adjustments, revisions and variations to existing designs that would otherwise fall under the 1 hour mininum charge.

Photo Retouching +

Exposure/colour correction, sharpening, red eye fix, blemish removal, smooth skin, emphasize makeup, basic effects and filters etc

Photo manipulation +

‘Anything goes’ including composition, add or remove elements to image, change background, superimpose, special effects, heavy facial/body sculpting and manipulation

Website Updates +

New pages, update content, change graphics, add products to store, add events or blog posts etc (squarespace only)

Not Included

See List +

Brand Identity and Logo Design
Website Design (from scratch)
Stock photos, font licenses, web hosting, printing etc



Retainer Plans

3, 6 or 12 Month Commitment



  • Front of the line priority
  • No lead times, waitlists or hassle
  • All a la carte services + more
  • Instant access to completed designs
  • No rollovers

10 HRS Per Month

  • Front of the line priority
  • No lead times, waitlists or hassle
  • All a la carte services + more
  • Instant access to completed designs
  • Up to 3 Rollover hours - 1 month maximum

20 Hrs Per Month

  • Front of the line priority
  • No lead times, waitlists or hassle
  • All a la carte services + more
  • Instant access to completed designs
  • Up to 5 Rollover hours 1 month maximum

Ready for a retainer?

Fill out the form below and let us know what sort of plan you’re interested in. Once we go over everything we will send through a retainer agreement and the first month retainer fee will be due before commencement. Payment for the month ahead will be due on the 1st of each month. This will repeat monthly for the duration of your plan and once the contract ends we will review and see if you want to adjust the the hour or monthly commitment before signing again.