How much do you charge? +

We offer packages but are also happy to work hourly or price per project. If you would like a quote for your project you will need to provide a well written brief that outlines all the details for the design so we can quote accordingly. Our hourly rate is $100 AUD. We have a 1 hour minimum charge for all designs. If you require a lot of smaller designs that would likely fall under this 1 hour bracket a retainer might be the best option for you.

Why does design cost this much? Who can afford you? +

Our price point is aimed at small businesses who are looking for professional design but don’t have the budget to accommodate the costs charged by large agencies. As we are a small business our own costs are lower than a large agency and we can keep our prices affordable in comparison. Prices are also based on Alaura’s qualifications, years of experience, the quality of work delivered as well as how much time each project takes.

How can I contact you? +

Our primary communication method is via email and our studio hours are 930am - 530pm Monday through Friday AWST. We will also respond to direct messages on instagram, facebook and etsy as soon as possible, but may ask that conversations are moved to email.

Do you work with international clients? +

Absolutely! In fact, most of our clients are international! We love being able to connect with unique small businesses all over the world and work design magic with them!

You're in my city! Can we have a meeting? +

As much as we would really love to be hanging out, talking about designs and sampling cake and coffee all over the place this simply isn't feasible as it consumes too much time and cuts into valuable studio time. If you are unsure if we are the right match please make sure you look at our previous work, some of the feedback shared from our clients and feel free to send us an email with any questions you might have. Under special circumstances, in person meeting may be accomodated, please do reach out if you have a special need to meet in person.

Do you offer rush services? +

We prefer not to ‘rush’ the creative process but if you a simple design such as a business card or flyer that you need done quickly, are willing to pay a rush fee and our schedule allows, we may be able to accomodate a rush design. But we do not accept any job that is required within less than 48 hours.


How do you deliver final files? +

Once designs are paid for in full we will upload your files to a dropbox folder and then invite you to access the folder. Once you accept this invitation we will then transfer ownership of the files to you and remove our access. If you don’t have a dropbox account you will be asked to create one (for free) before you can access the files. This dropbox folder will be your new online storage for designs, completely private and only you will have access to it. If you have an alternative but similar method to dropbox we are happy to deliver files to your existing cloud storage.

You can download your files whenever and as many times as you want. What you decide to do with the designs after this is totally up to you but we suggest keeping this dropbox folder forever as it will work like a backup. Think of this as an online USB, meaning your new designs will be kept safely and privately online so you never lose them. You download them when you need them and there will always be a copy of them available, providing you don't delete them from the dropbox, which is much harder to do when they are backed up online. Ultimately meaning less chance of you needing to pay for a file resend. If you have an alternative method similar to dropbox please let me know as I am happy to upload to your existing storage.

If your designs are smaller one off items such as business cards we will deliver the artwork directly via email, so long as it does not reach the maximum file size for email delivery.

What if things aren’t working out? +

This is usually rare as we have processes that result in high success rates but if you feel we’re just not vibing anymore we understand this can happen and we can discontinue our project if you feel that any issues cannot be resolved. We hope that you will express any concerns to us throughout the project if something isn’t right. If you would like to take the drafts for another designer to pick up on this is possible upon payment.

Can you take care of my printing? +

Yes we can, we have a variety of private printers that we have partnered with to offer great prices for printing. We will happily supply you a quote for handling the printing including all handling fees and delivery.

Do you send work offshore? +

Absolutely not! Alaura designs everything here at Desnoir. If we collaborate with somebody in another field for your design such as a photogapher, illustrator or even videographer, you will be well aware.

Can you use any image from the internet for my design? +

No, we cannot use any image from google or anywhere else unless you own the copyright of this image or it is a stock photo that we can license the use of. If you need images for your design there are plenty of places they can be sourced from, sometimes for free and sometimes for a small fee. We have memberships with stock photo websites so can offer stock photos at a great price. If you are looking for free stock images these are some of our favourite websites;

Copyright and ownership will be transferred to you upon full payment for the design. Copyright is transferred for the final design files only and does not include ownership of any drafts, concepts or resources such as fonts etc.

Do I own the native files? +

Native files (photoshop/illustrator files) are not included but are available for an additional fee.


Where do you build websites?

We designs on the Squarespace platform which is an online website building software (similar to wordpress and wix). Squarespace offers the possibility of beautifully designed website that are extremely user friendly. Squarespace allows us to create websites for our clients at a much more affordable price and also gives the opportunity for clients to easily manage their website after the final handover.

Is hosting my website included? +

Hosting is not included with any website design package through Desnoir. This must be paid monthly or annually directly to Squarespace. You can view the Squarespace hosting plans here.

Do you know coding? +

Alaura is familiar with basic html and css styling so she can implement unique coding to Squarespace websites to further enhance the customisation. Complex coding is outside of our skillset and we would recommend teaming up with a developer.

Can I edit my website myself? +

The beauty of our website method is that it is super simple for you to manage the website after the handover to you! We will even supply you with some training videos showing you how to edit different parts of your website.

Can you manage my website content? +

Absolutely, if you would prefer we update things on your website such as copy, images, blog posts or products in your store we are happy to provide a quote for doing so. This may be an occasional one off or if you will regularly require updates we suggest considering a retainer.