Premade Designs

Can you make modifications to a design so it better suits my business? +

We are happy to accomodate some changes to the design should you feel it would better suit your needs. Additional customisation can be provided at our hourly rate of $100/hr. If you’re looking for extensive customisation a custom design package may be better suited to your needs.

Can I see a preview of the design I am interested in? +

If you would like to see a preview of a design with your business name before commiting to the full purchase you can purchase a preview for $50/aud. If you love the design (which we're sure you will) we will give you a unique coupon to use at checkout to discount the preview cost from the final price.

How long will it take for me to receive my new designs? +

Orders are processed Monday to Friday between 930am and 530pm AWST. A proof of your design will be sent to you within 48 hours of your order processing. Once the design has been approved all final files will be sent to you.

How do you deliver final files? +

Once designs are paid for in full we will upload your files to a dropbox folder and then invite you to access the folder. Once you accept this invitation we will then transfer ownership of the files to you and remove our access. If you don’t have a dropbox account you will be asked to create one (for free) before you can access the files. This dropbox folder will be your new online storage for designs, completely private and only you will have access to it. If you have an alternative but similar method to dropbox we are happy to deliver files to your existing cloud storage.

You can download your files whenever and as many times as you want. What you decide to do with the designs after this is totally up to you but we suggest keeping this dropbox folder forever as it will work like a backup. Think of this as an online USB, meaning your new designs will be kept safely and privately online so you never lose them. You download them when you need them and there will always be a copy of them available, providing you don't delete them from the dropbox, which is much harder to do when they are backed up online. Ultimately meaning less chance of you needing to pay for a file resend. If you have an alternative method similar to dropbox please let me know as I am happy to upload to your existing storage.

The design I purchased is still listed on your etsy store? +

Purchases might not update between platforms immediately but we promise we will never sell a design twice. In the rare circumstance that a design is purchased twice within this short timeframe we will honour the purchase which was made first, based on the time the order was placed.

Can I re-sell my designs? +

Your designs are transferrable if you sell or merge your business but you may not resell any designs otherwise.

Do you offer refunds? +

Given the nature of digital products sales are final and non-refundable once files are delivered.

Can you design business cards or other items to match? +

Absolutely! We are a full time design studio and can design pretty much anything so feel free to get in touch to discuss the designs you need!

Desnoir retains copyright and ownership to all designs until purchased. Designs cannot be resold, shared, redistributed or reproduced whole or in part for any reason. Desnoir cannot guarantee the acceptance of any trademark application.