Logo Design


Logo Design

To me logo design is more than rushing to churn out as many designs as possible with a ‘that will do’ attitude, it is about collaborating closely with you to explore your business, products and services, researching and conceptualising options that you will not only love but will perfectly represent what you’re all about.

I have a very high success rate with my logo designs due to my process and efforts to create something that you will love. I am also a believer in quality over quantity and that time should be spent designing effectively. However, I don’t want to limit you and additional concepts/revisions will always be available if needed.

+ Timeline

Logo designs usually take approximately 2-3 weeks but depend greatly on amount the amount of concepts, revisions and client response time.

+ Payment

Totals are divided into 2 equal payments, 50% upon booking and 50% upon completion. Additional concepts and revisions will be added to the final invoice.

Investment: $490.00

2 Unique Logo Concepts
1 Round of Revisions
1 Final Design
1 Submark / Alternate Logo

This style includes clean and subtle designs including text only, basic icons, monograms & simple symbols.

Investment: $770.00

2 Unique Logo Concepts
1 Round of Revisions
1 Final Design
1 Submark / Alternate Logo

This style includes stylised lettering (calligraphy, decorative type) & illustrated graphic elements - See examples

All logo designs include


+ Questionnaire

Before we can get started on any design I will need to gather some important information from you. I will forward you my Logo Design Questionnaire which will explore and help you to refine any ideas you might have for the logo. I will also ask you to gather some inspiration images and make a moodboard that aligns with your vision for the design.

+ Logo Design

Using the notes I have compiled from your questionnaire as well as my research within your industry and target audience, I will create your unique logo concept which will be presented to you before refining further.

+ Revisions

You will have a single round of revisions which allows you to request changes to the design so we can make it perfect.

+ High Resolution Files

Your new logo will be supplied in all the popular formats that are essential for any logo and make it easy for you to start using right away. AI Vector master files, which are infinitely scaleable and suitable for professional and large scale printing TIF print files, suitable for small and home print jobs, sized within the dimensions of 210 x 298 mm PNG web files for online use, sized large (500px) and thumbnail (250px)

+ Colour Variations

Your logo will be supplied to you in black, white and up to 2 other colour variations, in all above formats.

+ Social Profile Images

You will also receive 6 complimentary profile images to get you started on socials such as instagram and facebook. These can be used as profile images or feed graphics

+ File Format Guide

A PDF designed to help you understand the different formats your logo has been supplied in and when to use which of them depending on application.

A PDF documenting the official transfer of copyright and ownership of your unique logo design.

Alaura Hine