How can I contact you ?

I like to work efficiently and dedicate my time to creating designs that are perfect for my clients, therefore email is my method of communication. Please determine your comfort level with this policy before we proceed with a project. It is efficient, does not put anyone on the spot and I like both of us to have written records of all our discussions and decisions.


Do you offer rush, overnight or weekend work ?

I prefer not to work to deadlines but I am here to help so please do get in contact with me to discuss your design and check with my schedule. Depending on the scale of the job, if you are willing to pay a rush fee or after hour price and the timeframe, then it may be totally possible. After studio hours are 5pm - 9am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday Sunday. After hours is billed hourly at time and a half ($105ph), weekend work is billed at double time ($140ph). Please title your email with 'urgent' so I know it needs immediate attention. I will do my best to get to your email as soon as I can within studio hours and work with you on arranging to have the design done, if possible. I can only receive emails for urgent work during studio hours, if you email overnight or on the weekend it will be attended to first thing the following business day. I will not accept projects with less that 6 hours til deadline.


Do you work with international clients ?

Absolutely! Many of my clients are international and am always happy to welcome more. The way that I run my business means that I can communicate with clients no matter where you are. I am even happy to arrange alternative communication times if there is a time difference between us.


Can we have a meeting?

As much as I would love to be talking design and sampling delicious caffeinated beverages and cakes all day I must limit the amount of in-person meetings I have per week as to put it simply, all the hours I would spend at unpaid meetings would cut severely into the time I can spend in the studio designing which is just not viable for me. If you are unsure if we are the right match for your project please make sure you take a look at my portfolio and the collection of testimonials from people I have worked with in the past. If you feel that a meeting in person is essential then please do feel free to contact me and see when I am next available, however depending on my schedule I may not be available for a week or more.


Must I fill out the questionnaire?


Can you just do what you think is best?

An easy answer to this is that yes I can design what I think is best, but designing what I think is best is not a guarantee that you are going to like the final design! The biggest problem here is the amount of freedom, I could do absolutely anything for you that I think is suitable based on my own personal research and evaluation of the project. But there is no guarantee that you will like it at all which leaves us in an awkward position. Guidance from you makes for a much smoother process for the overall project. I have constructed a process that encourages deeper thought into your design on your behalf so that you may be able to provide details that you didn't even realise you had in mind! This means I can design more accurately for you and can help keep the design bill to a minimum.

Much to my displeasure, I am not a mind reader and it is almost impossible for me to provide an accurate quote or service without gathering information about the project. It’s essential for me to know what your expectations and requirements are so that I can ensure you will be 100% happy with your design. Questions are important to establish and understand the project! The questionnaires also help create a clear direction for the project and to help create a much smoother process overall. If you think about how this might work in other situations, how often do you walk into a restaurant and ask the chef to cook 'whatever he thinks is best'? Probably never right? What are the chances that you would get a dish back that you loved, liked or could even eat? And they are not likely to even offer you a refund after you told them to prepare a meal of 'whatever' without giving them any information at all about what you like, dislike or are allergic too. Your food interests are of no interest to me, but I am sure you get the point.


Why do your 'x' cost this much?

Often people don't understand the exact process and efforts that professional designers put into creating origional, strong and memorable logos that perfectly suit their owners. So what really goes into a logo design? Consulting with the client, creating proposals and design briefs, researching the company, target market and competition, brainstorming, conceptualizing, sketching roughs, refining designs, preparing presentations, feedback phases, performing revisions, finalizing the design, outputting the design in different formats and variations, preparing the package for delivery, final transfer plus anything else that may occur during the process.

I usually spend 10 - 15 hours on my logo designs (without additional) considering this along with the 6 years I have spent in colleges receiving my qualifications (double major bachelor degree in design and advanced diploma in graphic design) the thousands of dollars I have and continue to invest in my tools and the time I spend refining my skills and expertise, if you were me how much do you think you'd be worth? Remember this next time you see a cheap logo design on offer, how much time do you think they are investing into this? Comparing the cost of the "cheap" logo with the average rate for freelance designers being between $50 - $200 per hour should help put that into perspective. Do you think the results from 'design competitions' come from spending the necessary time going through the essential steps to ensure a quality logo? There is a reason some logos are cheap and it's usually because they are quick and dirty, often tangled up in copyright infringement, stolen artwork and created with illegal software. Always remember your logo is the first impression, do you really want it to say "cheap"?


Can you make it so I can edit the design?

Unless you request upfront and pay for a design source file I do not supply source files. In terms of editing, as a professional designer I use professional (and expensive) software to produce your designs. Unless you yourself have the software you will not be able to use or edit the source files. Also, if you do not have any training or knowledge in these programs or with design, you risk changing the design for the worse and will need to have it repaired back to its original state. Should you feel the need to request a source file please make sure you inform me upfront so I can include the price of this in your quote.


Can you use the 'x' from facebook / website / google ?

The short answer to this is no, probably not because they are not sufficient quality. I will need origional files while for your logo will be an AI or EPS or high resolution TIF or PNG file with transparent background. If your logo is a PSD file this may also be suitable depending on the scale of your required design. Other images will need to be high resolution JPG or PNG files. If you do not have any original source files or the ones you have are insufficient and it is not possible to obtain from the original designer, the next step will be to discuss the process of having your logo replicated and redrawn to generate you a new source file. I can absolutely not take any image, graphic, video, audio or any other media from any website including google to use in your design unless you own the rights to use the media. If you do own the media I will need high resolution versions of these files and generally content on websites will not be of sufficient quality.